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Shuhong Aluminum Shaft Melting Furnace

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1. Brief introduction

The Shuhong aluminum shaft melting furnace is a new style speed energy-saving aluminum furnace, which is developed according to the craft characteristics of continuous-casting and continuous-rolling and other continuous fusing crafts. It can be satisfied with the requests of crafts of continuously providing aluminum, which is aluminum's continuous-casting, continuous-rolling, pressure casting, the gathering fusing of gravity casting. All of this can lower the oil expense, decrease the burning damages, increase the quality of products, lower the labor strength, improve the condition of working and increase the productivity.

Generally speaking, the Shuhong aluminum shaft melting furnace is not used alone. It always is used matching with the couple-furnaces heat preservation furnace (refining in furnace) or one-furnace heat preservation furnace (refining on-line), which can reach the purposes of continuous melting, refining, and providing aluminum. Because of the continuous fusing, generally speaking, the alloy compositions are not adjusted during producing.

2. The main characteristics
1) Using shaft furnace: The furnace materials which are blocking the shaft furnace all the time absorb completely the rest heat of flue gas, which makes the temperature of pouring smoke from roof lowered under 150 degrees, all of which can improve greatly heat efficiency, and the lowest oil expense can be lowered in 32 Kg/t AL; The shaft furnace with certain height can make the furnace materials which are preheated near to the state of melting when the furnace materials enter into the bottom furnace, which assures that it can get to the highest melting speed rate in a smaller melting house.
2) Using high-speed flame impact to heat: In the smaller melting house, high-speed flame is ported directly on the materials whose preheating has finished and the aluminum which has been melted, which realizes the rapid melting. All of these not only can save energy, but also can lower the burning damages.
3) Using two water taps, one is in top, the other is in bottom: While continuous operating, use the water tap on the top. There has certain depth of aluminum in furnace that makes part of aluminum be melted after they enter into the aluminum water, which lowers the oxidized areas, fatherly decreases the burning damages. The lowest burning damages are under 0.6%. Certain depth of aluminum also can increase the temperature of outputting water. The aluminum slag can be input into heat preservation furnace with aluminum, which can decrease the accumulated slag in furnace.
4) The texture of furnace mouth is reasonable: The mouth is small and sealed tightly. The loss of distributing heat is small. Operation is convenient. The condition of operating is good.
5) Charging from roof: Install dumping charging installation, which has the many characteristics such as charging is conveniently; Work strength is low; The fluctuation of furnace is small; The furnace lifetime is long.
6) Adopt high efficient energy-saving firing apparatus as heat origin: Have many characteristics such as firing easily, rapid increasing temperature, high porting speed, completely burning. Index of excessive air is small and so on.
7) The characteristics of couple-furnaces heat preservation furnace:
A. Using body-connecting couple-furnaces construction, which has many characteristics such as the covering area is small; The function of heat preservation is good; Make use of the rest heat of part flue gas with each other.
B. Couple furnaces operate dependently, which assures that provide qualified aluminum for consequent equipments continuously.
C. The heat preservation furnace just undertakes these processes that are increasing temperature, preserving temperature, refining and producing slag, taking examples and adjusting, and casting. The fluctuation of temperature is small. The lifetime is long.