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SH6-16t/H Copper Shaft Furnace

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1. Brief introduction
Chengdu Shuhong Machinery Corp., Ltd. is a group of highly creation. Owing to the hard work of Technology R & D personnel, they designed and manufactured the shaft furnace which used for CCR lines. It advanced the quality and cost reached the international advanced level. Compared to foreign advanced equipment, there is a higher value and lower operating costs, it is the preferred system. For the producing of copper rods industries to improve the quality and reduce costs.

The shaft furnace is a kind of vertical furnace with a circular cross section, the lining is refractory materials (silicon carbide bricks), between the silicon carbide bricks and steel cylindrical shell, there are fireproofing bricks and heat insulation refractory materials. The furnace main body is welding part with circle steel welding structure, on the top of the furnace is charging door for charging the cathode and other furnace burden.

The fuel can be NG or LPG, if the shaft melting furnace speed is from 10~20t/h, it shall be equipped with 2 rows of burners or more than 2 rows burners to meet different capacities. At the beginning, the furnace is designed and applied for charge the following mixed materials as per proper percentage: Cathode, 1# copper scrap, wasted copper wire and wirebar. Due to its' transformation designation, it can melt the shaped copper and others high conductivity copper, such as the wire and casting bar, 2# copper scrap, etc.

2. The characteristics of shaft melting furnace
A. Small occupied area
B. Simple design and operation
C. High heat liberation per unit furnace volume
D High thermal efficiency, up to 60%
E. Furnace can be started and shutdown rapidly.
F: Continuous melting
G: No molten metal pool
H: Excellent metallurgical control;
I: Stop molten metal from over-heated;
J: Melting rate can be adjusted.

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